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Flexible commercial cleaning and office cleaning services. Instant online booking, cleaning plans with fixed costs, and our unique price-lock guarantee.

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Affordable Office Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning Services

Flexible Commercial Cleaning Service

We offer a range of flexible fixed-priced commercial cleaning plans from only 1 month and price-lock guarantees for our clients from £39 per clean.

Business Office Cleaning Service

We are your local office cleaning service. Keep your office and shared co-working spaces clean with fixed price office cleaning services from £39.

Affordable & Reliable Cleaning Services 

Local and reliable office, commercial & retail cleaning service. Affordable contract cleaning and DBS checked cleaning Pros. We've got you covered.


Flexible commercial & office cleaning services for your business

We think that every business, no matter how big or little, local or international, should have access to dependable cleaners and flexible cleaning agreements.

Our easy, upfront pricing for our fixed-priced business cleaning plans is available online. All of which are offered with flexible contracts and budget-friendly options.

Dustr Commercial Office Cleaning FAQ's

Cleaning Service & Terms FAQ's

How frequent do I need to book a cleaner and what time of day can they clean?

We offer both one-time commercial cleaning services and regular cleaning services. A one-time service means that if you require a cleaner or a team of cleaners for a single occasion, we can provide that for you. For our regular services, we can accommodate anything from a few hours on one day per week to full-time coverage, seven days per week. We can customise the service to match your specific cleaning needs.

Can I expect to have the same cleaner(s) for each cleaning session?

After we have assigned a cleaner or a team of cleaners to your property, they will become your regular cleaners, allowing them to familiarise themselves with your premises, local protocols, and for your team to get to know them. In the rare instance that we may need to change the assigned cleaners, such as due to illness or leave, we will provide a replacement unless otherwise specified.

How much does commercial office cleaning cost?

Our cleaning services commence from as low as £39 per clean, which is dependent on the frequency of your cleaning service, the number of hours required, and the type of contract you choose - a flexible contract or a discounted 12 months+ contract.

Commercial locations to get a quote for your area.

Is cleaning equipment provided for commercial office cleaning services?

For our standard cleaning plans, our commercial cleaners will utilise your own cleaning products and equipment to help keep costs down. If you have specialised equipment, we recommend having someone available to demonstrate the proper usage.

If you require us to supply cleaning products and equipment, we can do so for a nominal monthly facilities management fee, in addition to the cost of the products and equipment purchased.

Simply let us know during the booking process and we will take care of this for you. This can also include the replenishment of items such as toilet roll and hand wash.

What is the minimum cleaning contract? Do you offer a flexible cleaning service?

We offer a flexible contract where it is a minimum of 1 month. Or we offer a discounted 12 months contract with a price lock guarantee for the duration of the contract.

Our one-time services do not have any minimum contract. Please see our notice period applicable to all services.

How are commercial office cleaners supervised?

For clients with three or fewer cleaners, typically, the cleaners will work without direct supervision. However, an area manager or supervisor may perform unscheduled quality control spot checks on the cleaners at your location, and they will have identification that clearly shows they are a supervisor or manager.

Usually, a quality control check will take no longer than 30 minutes. However, occasionally they may require more time. There will be no additional charge for these checks or any extra time that the cleaner spends receiving additional on-site training from our area supervisors.

For larger teams of commercial cleaners, we typically assign one or more cleaning supervisors as part of the team. They are accountable to the area manager (who may make unannounced visits). The supervisor will ensure that the cleaners carry out their cleaning duties appropriately on a day-to-day basis.

How can I cancel my cleaning contract? What is the notice period to cancel?

For our standard regular cleaning services, you can provide notice via email or over the phone. The notice period is 2 months from the date of the next invoice or the minimum term contract, whichever is the latter. 

For instance, if your upcoming regular invoice is scheduled for 20th June, and you inform us of your cancellation request on 30th May, the cancellation notice period outlined above will commence on 20th June.

If you have a customised cleaning service agreement, please reach out to your account manager, who can provide you with details regarding your unique contract's notice period.

Cleaner Vetting & Security FAQ's

How does Dustr ensure the cleaners are vetted?

We take every cleaner through a strict vetting process to ensure their suitability for the job. Initially, every new application is thoroughly screened, and we reject around 80% of all applicants at this stage. Applicants who pass the initial screening will undergo a telephone interview to verify their suitability, following which we will check their proof of ID, address, right to work, and request references.

For applicants who clear this stage, we will conduct a final interview to confirm their availability, among other factors. If we decide to take them on, they will receive an introduction to Dustr, along with training on our operational procedures and expectations. They will be provided with ID before they can start working with any of our clients, and we will regularly request feedback from our clients, as well as performing spot visits from supervisors.

What insurance cover is provided for my commercial cleaning service?

Our standard services are covered by a liability insurance of £5 million. However, if you require insurance coverage above £5 million for a 24 month or longer contract, please contact us, as we may be able to arrange increased coverage for you.

Can the cleaner be a keyholder for our premises?

Certainly. If you would like to give a cleaner access to your premises by providing them with a key and code, please inform us at the time of booking.

The cleaners will keep the key themselves instead of storing it in our offices, as we provide our services remotely.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the cleaner can competently operate your alarm system and secure the premises appropriately.

Before giving them the key, you should ask the cleaner to sign a keyholders receipt. Please send us a copy of the receipt once it has been signed.

Will your cleaners abide by our local security procedures?

If your premises have additional security measures, such as metal detectors or bag searches, please inform us when booking our cleaning services.

Our cleaners will comply with any non-invasive security protocols. However, if physical searches are required, please notify us so that we can assign a cleaner who is willing to comply with more envasive security measures.

Will the commercial cleaners hold a Standard DBS or Enhanced DBS check?

Most of our clients do not need a cleaner with a DBS check. However, if your business involves sensitive areas, such as banks, airports, or police stations, we can provide cleaners with a Standard DBS check.

If your business requires and is eligible for a bespoke contract, we can provide cleaners with Enhanced DBS checks where appropriate e.g. cleaners working in a school.

Please note that there may be a delay in starting the service when DBS-checked cleaners or a team of cleaners are required.

General Cleaning Service FAQ's

What occurs if our cleaner falls ill or cannot attend?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise and we will try our best to accommodate you. If you inform us at least one full working day prior to the required replacement, we will make every effort to provide a suitable temporary cleaner if available.

However, you will need to arrange for someone to let the replacement cleaner in and will need to show them the areas to be cleaned and where the relevant cleaning materials are located.

If we are unable to provide a replacement or if it's on very short notice, we will still do our best to find a replacement for you, or provide a credit note for the missed clean.

If we are responsible for any missed cleans, you will be credited accordingly. In some cases, we may need to provide a sub-contractor for a replacement clean and we will inform you beforehand if this is the case.

How do I pay for Dustr commercial cleaning services?

For one-time cleans, payment must be made at the time of booking and before any service is provided. Payment can be made via credit/debit card or bank transfer, where available. If we are unable to provide the service you booked, we will issue a full refund.

For regular cleans with fixed priced plans, you will be invoiced one month in advance of the service being provided. We recommend clients set up a direct debit for payment, and we also accept bank transfers.

For bespoke plans, you will be invoiced according to the contract we agree upon. Advance payments may be required, and we can customize payment terms in some cases. Payment is usually made via bank transfer.

How does the price lock guarantee work?

If you have been offered a price lock guarantee, we assure you that the cost of the same service will not be increased while in contract, as long as you have complied with our terms and conditions and maintained your account with us.

Are Dustr commercial cleaners paid above the minimum wage?

Our cleaners are paid above the minimum wage, and always paid above the national living wage. Dustr commercial cleaners receive one of the highest industry-standard starting pay rates.

New cleaners start on our base rate, which increases with their tenure/experience level and may receive bonuses for positive feedback from our clients. Some cleaners with specialist cleaning skills are paid additional payments where appropriate. 

They can also earn additional income by taking on more responsibilities, specialist cleaning skills and specific roles within our business.

Are Dustr cleaners from an agency?

We mostly hire and employ our cleaners directly. However, in certain cases such as high demand or unforeseen circumstances, we may hire contractors as temporary workers with a view to take them on as full-time employees in the future, or sub-contractors when required from time-to-time.

What time is your office open?

Our normal office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Can I call you?

To keep our services cost-effective, we offer online customer support via email and live chat. Once we assign you a cleaner, you will also be provided with an emergency contact number for reaching us during our office hours. We can be contacted on the phone on 0800 260 6988.

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