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Why hiring a professional cleaning service is essential for a central London office

London is many things, but clean isn’t one of them. The uncleanliness of the capital city isn’t anything to turn your nose up at; it’s the popularity of this metropolitan paradise that makes it so dirty. The overpopulation, endless attractions, and old architecture mean germs travel fast in London. If you have an office in central London, you need to hire a professional cleaning service, and here’s why.


High levels of pollution already make London a dangerous place

Central London has drastically high levels of pollution. The city’s congestion and ongoing infrastructure projects contribute towards London having the highest air pollution rate in the whole of the UK! This toxic air contributes to serious illness and even death. According to The World Health Organisation, air pollution causes more deaths in the UK than in The USA, Sweden and Brazil. Simply by living in an overpopulated city, the people of London’s lives are at risk. 

As an employer, you don’t want to emphasise this already severe problem. Exposing your employees to unhygienic environments and dust pollution could lessen their health even further. By outsourcing office cleaning in central London, you can ensure your office is a healthy and safe space for your employees to work.


You need to maintain a COVID-safe environment 

The coronavirus pandemic poses more risks to an already dangerous location. As we return to office spaces and resume a normal pace of life, we still need to remain diligent in the fight against COVID-19. To do this, we must implement COVID-safety regulations and ensure our environments remain as clean as possible. By hiring a professional cleaning service in central London, you don’t have to stress about keeping your staff safe. Frequent professional cleaning kills harmful bacteria and reduces the risk of a coronavirus outbreak significantly. If you want top-quality cleaning that’s going to ensure safety, you need the expertise of an office cleaning team in central London.


Staff and colleagues will travel on public transport

How many people enter and leave your office space every day? We’re betting it’s on a fair few. And due to your central London location, almost all of these colleagues use public transport. Am I right? An easy and efficient public transport system is one of the many wonderful things about London, but it’s also what makes the city such an unhygienic place. 

According to London Metropolitan University, there are 121 different bacteria and mould stains on public transport, and London has the worst of the lot! When your staff leave their seat on the tube or hop off the bus, they’re bringing these germs with them to the office. Some of these bacteria could cause sickness and disease, again putting your team at risk. To limit the spread of potential superbugs (extremely harmful bacteria), we recommend hiring an office cleaning service in Central London. This team of experienced cleaners will be able to remove harmful bacteria and limit the number of germs making their way around your office space no one wants to be hot-desking with deadly bacteria.


We’d never leave London; it has too much to offer! But the dirtiness of our beloved city can sometimes be hard to grapple with. If you’re keen to keep your office space safe whilst based in the big city, it’s time to hire office cleaning in Central London. Reach out to the commercial cleaning team at Dustr to see how we can help you.

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