High Street Retail Shop Cleaning Services In Cardiff

High Street Retail Cleaning Services In Cardiff From £49

We exist to help you keep your high street retail store clean and tidy for your customers in Cardiff

A regular cleaning routine in your retail shop shows your customers that you care and increases the chances of them returning to your clean and well presented store.

We offer a range of daily cleaning services that you can instantly get a quote and book online in just a few minutes.

Commercial Cleaning Retail & High Street Shops In Cardiff

Commercial cleaning for clothes shops and department stores

Department Stores & Clothes Shops

Our commercial cleaners can clean your busy department store and clothes shop throughout the day, paying attention to touch surfaces and high footfall areas to keep your customers safe. Smaller stores can benefit from a clean at the start or end of each day. If you're on a Cardiff high street, a large shopping centre, we have a service to suit your needs.

Dustr commercial cleaning in supermarkets and grocery shops

Supermarket & High Street Grocery Shops

Your customers in Cardiff expect to come into a clean supermarket or grocery shop all day long. When you're busy serving customers, our commercial cleaners will ensure your public areas are kept clean and tidy throughout the day or clean your shop out of business hours so it's ready for when you're open.

Barbers, hair and beauty salon cleaning

Barbers, Hair Salons, Tattoo & Beauty

Keep your barbers, hair salon and beauty shops clean with a commercial cleaner from Dustr. With high hygiene standards expected, ensuring your property is cleaned by professional commercial cleaners at the end of each day or before you open in the mornings is crucial for your customer satisfaction in Cardiff.

Cleaning service for casinos and betting shops

Casino & Sports Betting Shops

With high numbers of visitors each day, our Cardiff commercial cleaning team can visit your store before you open or at the end of the day to clean the shop floor, so it's ready for the next day of trade. If you have a 24/7 operation, we can arrange for professional commercial cleaning around the clock so your premises is kept clean all day long.

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