London Commercial & Office Cleaning FAQ's

Cleaning Service Frequently Asked Questions

Office & Commercial Contract Cleaning FAQ's

How often & what times can I get a clean?

We have both one-time commercial cleaning services and regular. A one-time service is just that, if you need a cleaner or team of cleaners just once then we can do that for you. For our regular services we can attend anything from a few hours 1 day per week to 24/7, 7 days per week. We will tailor the service to meet your cleaning requirements. 

Will I get the same cleaner(s) each time?

Once we've allocated a cleaner or team of cleaners to your premises, those cleaners will become your permanent cleaners, so they get to know your premises, local procedures and your team will get to know them too. Occasionally we may have to change the cleaners or if a cleaner is sick or on holiday for example, we will provide a replacement unless you don't want us to.

How much does it cost?

Our services start at just £45 per per clean. It varies depending on how often you have a cleaning service, how many hours you have and if you have a flexible contract or discounted 12 months+ contracts.

You can get an instant online quote in most cases. For larger companies or more complex cleaning service requirements please contact us.

Who supplies the cleaning products & equipment?

As standard to keep your costs down, our commercial cleaners will use your own cleaning products and equipment. If you have specialist equipment, you should have someone available to demonstrate correct use.

Need products and equipment to be supplied?
No problem. We can arrange this for you for a small monthly facilities management fee, plus the cost of the products and equipment we purchase for you. Just let us know at the time of booking and we'll do this for you. This can include things like restocking of toilet roll, hand wash etc too.

Am I tied into a contract?

We offer a flexible contract where it is a minimum of 1 month. Or we offer a discounted 12 months contract with a price lock guarantee for the duration of the contract. Our one-time services do not have any minimum contract.

Are the cleaners supervised?

For clients with 3 or fewer cleaners, ordinarily they will be unsupervised. An area manager or supervisor may make unannounced spot quality control checks on the cleaners at your premises and they will have ID clearly showing they are a Supervisor or Manager.

Generally a quality control check will be 30 minutes or less, however at times they may stay longer. You will not be charged any extra for these checks or any additional time spent by the cleaner undergoing additional on-site training by our area supervisors.

For larger teams of commercial cleaners, we will usually assign one or more cleaning supervisors as part of the team. They will be answerable to the area manager (who may make unannounced visits). The supervisor will ensure the cleaners are carrying out the cleaning tasks correctly day to day. 

How can I cancel my contract?

For our standard regular services, you can provide notice via email. The notice period is 2 months from the date of the next invoice or the minimum term contract, whichever is the latter. 

If you have a bespoke cleaning service, please contact your account manager who can assist you with this.

Cleaner Vetting & Security FAQ's

How are the cleaners vetted?

Every cleaner is vetted by us and we conduct a rigorous vetting process. Every new applicant application is screened. At this stage we sift out around 80% of all applications. Then for the applicants who pass the initial screening, we’ll conduct a telephone interview with them to check their suitability. We will then check proof of ID, address, right to work and request references. 

For the applicants who pass this stage, they will undergo a final phone interview to check availability among other things. If we decide to take them on, they’ll be introduced to Dustr, provided with training in how we operate and expectations. They’ll be issued with ID before being permitted to work with any of our clients and regular feedback will be requested from our clients.

Are the cleaners insured?

Our services are covered by our £5 million liability insurance. If you need insurance cover above £5m for a regular cleaning service on a 12 months contract or more, please get in touch as we may be able to increase our cover you.

Do your cleaners wear ID?

Our cleaners are issued with an ID card which they are instructed to wear at all times whilst on your premises. You are able to request to see the cleaner ID card prior to permitting them entry.

Will our cleaner be able to lock up and arm our alarms?

Yes. If you wish to provide a cleaner with a key and code to secure your premises, please let us know at the time of booking. The cleaners will hold the key themselves rather than being stored in our offices due to the nature of how we provide our services remotely. You should satisfy yourself the cleaner can competently operate your alarm system and secure the premises in the correct way. You should request the cleaner signs a keyholders receipt making it clear they must return to key in person prior to giving them a key and send a copy of this to us right away.

Will your cleaners abide by our local security procedures?

If you have additional security on your premises, such as passing through metal detectors or searching of bags etc, then please advise us at the time of booking. The cleaners will abide by any non-invasive security procedures. In places where they will be physically searched with or without consent, just let us know so we can provide a cleaner who are happy to abide by these extended security procedures.

Are the commercial cleaners DBS or Enhanced DBS checked?

Most clients do not require a DBS checked cleaner. However, if due to the nature of your business e.g. a bank, airport or police station, we are able to provide cleaners with Standard DBS checks, or if your business qualifies, and subject to a bespoke contract, we can provide Enhanced DBS checked cleaners. There may be a delay in starting your services when a DBS checked cleaner or team of cleaners is requested.

General Cleaning Service FAQ's

What happens if our cleaner is sick or cannot attend?

Life happens and we'll always do our best to accommodate you. If we are aware you need a temporary replacement cleaner at least one full working day prior to the replacement, then we will endeavour to provide a suitable replacement where availability allows. You'd need to arrange for someone to let the temporary replacement cleaner in.

In circumstances where we're unable to provide a replacement or its very short notice, we will always try our best to find a replacement for you. You will always be credited for any missed cleans that are our fault. At times we may provide a sub-contractor for a replacement clean and we will let you know if this is the case. 

Can I contact the cleaner(s) directly on their mobile?

You will be able to contact the cleaners directly if you need to speak with them. If you need their contact number just get in touch with us via email or live chat.

How do I pay Dustr?

One-Time Cleans
For one-time cleans, the payment is made at the time of booking and in advance of any service being provided. This can be made via credit/debit card or where offered via bank transfer. If we are unable to provide the service based on your booking, you will be refunded in full. 

Regular Cleans - Fixed Priced Plans
You will be invoiced in advance of your services being provided. Generally we ask that clients set up a direct debit. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer we can take this too.

Bespoke Plans
You will be invoiced as per the contract we agree to. Advance payments may be required and custom payment terms can be agreed on an individual basis. Payments are usually made via bank transfer.

How does the price lock guarantee work?

If you've been offered a price lock guarantee, we guarantee not to increase the cost of the same service whilst in contract providing you've kept your account with us in line with our terms and conditions.

How are the cleaners paid & is it minimum wage?

Our cleaners who we sometimes call Pros are among the highest paid in the industry. Our cleaners start on our base rate and increase in line with their service with us and feedback received from our clients. They also get to earn additional income for taking on additional responsibilities and specific roles within our business.

Are the cleaners from an agency?

Most of our cleaners are recruited and employed directly by us. Occasionally due to demand and other reasons we may need to take on contractors as temporary workers.

What time is your office open?

Our normal hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We may answer enquiries outside of this time also at times.

Can I call you?

In order to keep our services cost effective for you, we operate an online customer service via email and live chat. Once you’ve been provided with a cleaner you will have an emergency number should you need to get in touch with us during our office hours.

Who is the founder of Dustr?

Dustr was founded by Aaron Henriques, an award winning British entrepreneur in 2020 and launched in Spring 2021 in London. At the time of launching Dustr, Aaron had 8 years experience in operating a cleaning company, being part of the national domestic cleaning franchise and having overseen in excess of 1,800 clients and 200 cleaning staff in that time. He was awarded the national franchisee of the year award in 2017 for now widely adopted innovations in the domestic cleaning space and continues to change the way the commercial cleaning industry operates. Find out more here.

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