Hospitality Business Cleaning Services

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services For Hospitality Businesses in London From £49

Nothing is more important in the hospitality sector than having clean and safe premises for your customers. That's why at Dustr, we offer a range of flexible regular daily or weekly cleans as well as one-time cleaning services for a range of London's hospitality businesses.

Our range of services include general day to day cleaning through to antiviral sanitisation services and even regular cleaning every 60-90 minutes. We can provide services for hotels, B&B's, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, coffee shops, sandwich bars, airports, travel agencies, photography studios and more.

Hospitality Industries We Provide Commercial Cleaning Services

Large city office skyline stay clean with office cleaning services

Bars, Pubs & Restaurants

Our commercial cleaning team will clean your establishment to have it ready for the day of trade ahead, or for busy places, we can even keep your premises clean throughout the day

Cleaning regularly during opening hours gives your customers extra confidence in your business.

dustr cleans coffee shops

Coffee Shops & Sandwich Bars

Serving food and drink requires cleaning standards higher than most businesses, especially due to the high footfall and public use of facilities.

Our cleaners can come in to clean your shop each evening to have it ready for the next day and can even clean throughout the day to keep your toilets and touch surfaces clean.

Dustr commercial cleaning cleans airports, planes, flying schools and travel industry business premises

Airports, Flying Schools & Travel

If you run an airport, airline, flying school or practically any other kind of travel business, our commercial cleaners can cater for your needs.

Our team can get an aircraft cleaned & turned around ready for the next flight. We'll clean your airport terminal, keeping your customers safe. 

Clean serviced office space with clean desks and chairs

Hotels, Airbnb &


If you need a clean of your hotel lobby, or every room post occupancy our cleaning team can take care of your domestic hotel and B&B cleaning requirements.

For Airbnb hosts, we offer one-time cleaning of your property to meet the needs of irregular occupancy.

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