Reliable Domestic Cleaning Services

Weekly, One-Time & End Of Tenancy House Cleaning Services

Dustr cleaners provide commercial cleaning services across London. With lots of enquiries around Domestic Cleaning, we are keen to help clients find a cleaning service near them that can help. Landlords can book end of tenancy cleans with our commercial cleaning team.

Home cleaning services in London can help free up your time, leaving you with a nice clean home to come back to after a busy day at work. There are lots of domestic house cleaning services available in London.

Choosing the right domestic cleaning service for your needs is important. Some things you can consider is either hiring a domestic cleaner directly. This can be challenging and the reason why most people prefer to get a house cleaner via a domestic cleaning agency. Some common issues with this are private cleaners are often not insured, potentially unreliable without any independent vetting and there is no cover if they are absent for any reason.

Should I choose a cleaning agency or a cleaning company? What's the difference?

A domestic cleaning agency will primarily provide self-employed cleaners to you and generally speaking at a lower cost than a cleaning company. They will often also provide accidental damage insurance should the cleaner damage your property and also provide replacement cleaners if you ever need one. It's quite common for the first cleaner to not meet your expectations and choosing an agency is commonly the best way to go if you wish to save yourself time and hassle of having to find your own replacement. That said, cleaners in an agency are usually self-employed and domestic cleaning agencies do not have the level of control over the cleaners as a cleaning company would. Many also do not take the payment for the cleaners pay too, which means you will need to remember to pay the cleaner yourself.

A domestic home cleaning company on the other hand employ their staff directly, just the same was as Dustr directly employs the commercial cleaners. You'll usually pay a little more as a cleaning company has additional overheads, such as paying holiday pay, pension contributions and salaries. The cleaners are usually better trained & equipped, have DBS checks and more reliable. Cleaners who work for house cleaning companies do not have the flexibility to choose where they work in the same way that a cleaner working for a domestic cleaning agency would. As an employee they are directed where they must work and you'll only get one bill from the company, rather than having to remember to pay the cleaners direct.

Regular Domestic Cleaning Services in London

Regular Weekly & Fortnightly Domestic Cleaning Services

Most house cleaning agencies provide regular daily, weekly or fortnightly domestic cleaning services for their customers. These services are generally cheaper than one-off cleaning services and frequently come with a minimum term contract. These services are great if you want to come back to a clean home on a regular schedule. Booking a regular cleaning service online usually takes just a few minutes.

One-Off Home Cleaning & End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service

One-off cleaning services are available from most cleaning agencies and companies. Many cleaning agencies won't offer end of tenancy cleaning services at all, and some only if it is booked by a landlord. Dustr can provide end of tenancy cleaning when booked by a landlord or property agent. Although one-time cleaning services are usually more expensive, there is no ongoing commitment to have a service.

Often Included With Domestic Cleaning Services

  • Replacement cleaners
  • liability insurance
  • Vetted Cleaners
  • online quote & booking

Domestic Home Cleaning Services You Can Book Online

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Commercial Cleaning Contract services in Central London

Dustr can provide you with office cleaning, high street, retail and commercial cleaning services for businesses. Landlords and property agents can book end of tenancy cleaning services in central London online.

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Cleaner jobs available in London

We're always recruiting experienced cleaners to join our team. As a Dustr cleaner, you'll benefit from being directly employed on a salary, with holiday pay and a company pension scheme to name but a few benefits. Click the link below to find out more about joining our cleaner team.

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