Cleaning Services During Coronavirus COVID-19

We have made some changes in light of COVID-19 and will add our latest updates on this page about our working practices. This may change at short notice depending on the official guidance issued by the government and as best industry practices develop.


When do coronavirus lockdown restrictions end in London?

The British government has set out a roadmap to reopen the country and businesses, including high street businesses.

From 12th April 2021, non-essential retail businesses and public buildings will be able to reopen. This will include businesses such as gyms and indoor leisure facilities.

Outdoor hospitality venues and self-contained holiday lets and campsites can reopen. Hospitality businesses will be able to serve customers outdoors who must be seated, however, unlike the previous restrictions, there is no need for them to order a substantial meal whilst seated.

From 17th May 2021, indoor hospitality businesses will be able to open. Customers in hospitality businesses will still have to be seated when drinking or eating, however, they can be seated indoors.

Indoor group sports and sports centres can reopen. Businesses like cinemas or children play areas can reopen. The remaining accommodation sector may reopen including hostels and B&B’s.

Not before 21st June 2021, the UK government hopes to lift all other restrictions on social contact.


How is your commercial cleaning service different during COVID-19?

  • Our cleaning operatives have been instructed to spend more time concentrating on touch surfaces such as door handles, cupboards, toilet flushes, taps, switches etc. This may extend usual cleaning times however this is done to help protect your staff and your customers (where applicable) from contracting and spreading the disease.
    (We highly recommend you opt for sanitisation of these surfaces when you book your service. If you do we supply sanitisation sprays which are British lab tested and proven to kill coronavirus on 99.9% of surfaces. You can request this during the booking process or you can supply your own.)


  • Our cleaners have been advised they must not attend if they or any person with whom they’ve had contact, have any symptoms which may be due to coronavirus until either a self-isolation period has been completed in full, or the suspected symptoms are found to not be coronavirus.
    This may occur at very short notice and we will do our best to update you on progress and provide a replacement. With the latest testing, it should be confirmed within a few days.


  • We ask that our clients alert us to any outbreak of coronavirus or any suspected cases in the workplace. Many of our cleaning operatives work for more than one client and as such may pose a risk of spreading the disease.


  • If you have any suspected cases your services may be suspended for up to 14 days to protect the further spread of the disease. We will then require that you book a full sanitisation clean which may take a day or more to complete depending on the size of your office.


Will the commercial cleaning operatives wear PPE?

Commercial cleaners routinely wear PPE for various tasks due to the nature of the work. Although not mandatory, where practical the cleaning operatives will wear PPE such as face masks, face shields and wear disposable gloves. They will be encouraged to regularly wash hands as per the government guidance and sanitise regularly.


What if we have our own COVID-19 special measures in our workplace, will your cleaning operatives follow them?

If you have any special measures in place, our cleaning operatives have been asked to adhere to these where they are practical and safe to do so. If there are any problems with the cleaning operatives following your special measures, we will discuss this with you and come up with a solution.

There are some things you can do to help when the cleaning operatives are at your location. Avoid your staff from being in the same room as our cleaning operatives where possible, however, we understand this is not always practical to do so, in which case we ask that your staff maintain a 2m (or as close to) distance.


Is there anything we need to do?

  1. We ask that our clients alert us to any outbreak of coronavirus or any suspected cases in the workplace. Many of our cleaning operatives work for more than one client and as such may pose a risk of spreading the disease.
  2. Please ensure that your staff and customers are made aware they should not be in a confined space with our cleaning operatives at any time. If our cleaning operatives are unable to safely maintain social distancing they may be unable to fully complete the cleaning tasks required of them. Common sense will prevail and we understand there are some circumstances where this may not be possible for short periods of time. The final say will be with the individual cleaning operatives.
  3. Please ensure you provide the cleaning operatives with sufficient time to complete the work. They will do as much as they can within the given time and will inform you if you will either need to regularly amend your hours or reduce certain parts of the service.
  4. Please provide adequate ventilation of all rooms where possible.

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