Central London High Street Cleaning Service

Shop-to-Shop London High Street Cleaning Services From £39 

The high street in London is now reopen for business after COVID-19 lockdown. Your customers now expect more rigorous cleaning routines. Ensure you keep your business clean, safe and open for trade by having a cleaning service round the clock that visits you throughout the day.

Dustr are answering that demand, by launching this regular cleaning service for high street businesses in central London. 

Find out how our Shop-to-Shop service will benefit your business & boost customer confidence from as little as £39 per day.

Dustr Shop-to-Shop Cleaning Service In Central London

So you're wondering how you can have a cleaner visiting all day while you're open? 

We've created a service for your business to help you stay safe, clean and open for business for years to come. Our innovative cleaning service is available in selected locations throughout central London.

This service will ensure one of our mobile cleaners will attend your shop regularly throughout the day, typically every 60-90 minutes to clean & tidy your toilet facilities, restock your toilet rolls and top up hand sanitisers. They'll also sanitise high use touch surfaces like door handles, to help keep your premises looking clean and a safe environment your customers are happy to return to.

Your customers will see you care about them by seeing a Dustr mobile commercial cleaner in your premises while they enjoy your clean facilities.

What types of businesses is the Shop-to-Shop cleaning service for?

Although we've positioned this service for high street businesses, its suitable for those off of the high street too. This cleaning service is particularly aimed at any busy business with few staff but large volumes of customers entering their premises regularly throughout the day and using public facilities such as toilets.

This will include businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, bars, gyms, health clubs, private medical centres, co-working & 'hot desk' office spaces and more.

For this service to work and to enable us to send a cleaner every 60-90 minutes (or more regular if required), we rely on a number of businesses in close walking distance to your premises to sign up to the service in order to make it cost effective to operate this regular cleaning service for you.

If you're unsure, please get in touch and we'll be happy to let you know if this service will be right for you. 

How does Shop-to-Shop business cleaning service work?

This commercial cleaning service works by having a number of premises in short walking distance of each other that our cleaners will clean on rotation with other local shops throughout the day. For the standard service, our cleaners will aim to attend every 60-90 minutes between 9am and 6pm for most business. The rotations can be more frequent and additional hours can be arranged if your premises is particularly busy or open for longer.

Our cleaners will attend your premises, on their way in they'll sanitise your door handles and other high contact touch surfaces. They'll then attend to your public toilet areas, tidy them up like removing tissues left on the floor, restocking toilet rolls and refilling your hand soaps and sanitisers. This will leave your public areas of your business looking and smelling fresh all day long.

And yes, this really is from £39 per day! 

How much does the Shop-to-Shop cleaning service cost?

This commercial cleaning service in central London costs from only £39 per day. The service can be arranged between 5 to 7 days per week, during normal working hours or longer if required which is particularly useful for licenced premises or busy restaurants open late into the evening.

We are only able to offer this service where there are sufficient premises we are cleaning in a given area. Once you've booked our teams will contact other 

The cost of the service will vary depending on the frequency of attendance of our cleaners, how much cleaning is required and the days/times you need a clean. To get a quote, please contact us today.

Where is the Shop-to-Shop cleaning service available?

Currently the Shop-to-Shop commercial high street cleaning service is available in central London areas. We are able to provide this service on the basis that we are able to sign up sufficient numbers of other businesses within a short walking distance of your premises in order to make it cost effective.

When you book your service with us, we'll take the booking and our field sales team will contact other local businesses in your area to see if they'd like the service too. If you have anyone you know will like to have the service too, please get in touch to let us know.

Who supplies the cleaning products & equipment and toilet roll & sanitiser gels for restocking?

As our Shop-to-Shop commercial cleaners are mobile on foot, moving between premises, they can only carry a small supply of sanitiser sprays and wipes. Usually they will use your own cleaning products and equipment.

They'll use your supply of toilet rolls, hand soaps and hand gels to refill any that are needed throughout the day.

Need products and equipment to be supplied?
No problem. We can arrange this for you for a small monthly facilities management fee, plus the cost of the products and equipment we purchase for you. Just let us know at the time of booking and we'll do this for you. This can include things like restocking of toilet roll, hand wash, hand sanitiser gels too.

Can I get a daily deep clean too?

We can arrange a regular cleaning service to clean your premises before you open in the morning, or in the evenings for you too. Just let us know when you get in touch and we'll give you a quote for this too.

Am I tied into a cleaning contract?

The Shop-to-Shop service has a minimum 3 months commitment and like our other services are paid a month in advance. There is a 2 months from the date of the next invoice to cancel.