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Professional Office Cleaning Service For Your Busy London Office

We know every office is different and with unique requirements. That's why our flexible office cleaning services allow you to choose what our cleaners will do for you. This could be a general overall clean of everything in your office, or if you prefer to concentrate on certain things like sanitisation, desk areas or just communal office spaces we can cater for your exact needs at no additional cost to you.

Our range daily, weekly or one-time office cleaning services are perfect for traditional offices, serviced offices, shared co-working office spaces and even home offices. We also have a Shop-to-Shop cleaning service for high street businesses needing cleaning every 60-90 minutes, perfect for hot desk offices.

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How much is office cleaning in London?

Large city office skyline stay clean with office cleaning services

Office Cleaning & sanitisation Services

Perfect for cleaning large and small offices. We can cater for the full scope of cleaning services including desks, break spaces, toilets, reception areas and more.

Your office cleaning service can be daily or weekly depending on your needs.

Clean serviced office space with clean desks and chairs

Serviced Office Cleaning & Anti-Viral Cleaners

If you provide serviced offices, sometimes its a great idea to offer cleaning services to your clients as well as cleaning your common spaces.

Our flexible service allows you to amend your cleaning demands based around the needs of your clients.

office and share office co working space cleaning services

Shared & Co-Working Office Cleaning

If you are sharing an office space or part of a co-working office space, we can provide our cleaning services to you and help you keep on top of your daily or weekly cleaning. You can even have your office cleaned during evenings and weekend hours.

Home office with a clean black desk and white chair

Home Office & sanitisation Cleaning

 Most home offices need a weekly or fortnightly clean rather than every day and even if you need a spruce up of your home office just a few times a year, then we have a home office cleaning service for that too.

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