More Commercial Cleaning Services in London

Offices & Co-Working Spaces

We can handle all of your office cleaning requirements and maintain your offices sanitised and clean so your personnel can work in a safe and hygienic atmosphere, whether you have a shared office space or hundreds of desks.

High Street Retail Shops In London

Customers expect to enter a clean and well-kept store. So, before your store opens for another busy day of business in London, our skilled retail shop commercial cleaners will have everything clean and ready for your next day of trade.

London Gyms, Spas & Health Clubs

Whether you operate a neighbourhood gym in London, a high-end private health club, or a public recreation facility, your patrons expect a clean atmosphere to enhance their wellness and fitness. Dustr cleaners are here to help.

GP's & Private Medical Centres In London

GP offices, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and even specialised aviation medical facilities. Having a cleaner on duty all day or every evening can demonstrate your regard for your customers. Find out how a regular commercial cleaning service can help.

London Bars, Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Nothing is more frustrating than sitting down to eat or enjoy your favourite beverage only to find the restrooms are unkempt. When you choose a Dustr commercial cleaning service, your consumers will feel at ease using your spotless facilities.

Hotels & B&B's In London

We can offer complete, all-day cleaning services for your hotel or bed and breakfast. We can thoroughly clean and sanitise your rooms so they are prepared for the next visitor, as well as take care of all the staff and public areas within your London hotel.

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